Faith in Paris

By Margret 12 months ago
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Faith in Paris

Oil on linen-mounted aluminum panel

12″ x 16″

Private Collection

“Faith in Paris” is a painting of the artist’s lovely niece. When painting portraits Margret endeavors to capture the essence of her subject, what makes them unique. Here we see a young woman very much devoted to her faith and a life-long Francophile.

A little back-story:

During the painting a family member told the artist that the artist’s niece was worried about traveling to Paris because of terrorist activity. So, Margret painted in a blazing fire around the Eiffel Tower to represent the unrest. At a later family gathering Margret relayed the story to her sister and niece and was told, “No, I am not afraid to go to Paris at all.” So the fire was painted over with a glowing sunrise representing the faith she has in Paris and her own resolute faith in God.

  • Oil Painting
  • Portrait
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